LX Nettools

LX Nettools is a software package designed to make life easy for system technicians

Major lighting protocols, one application

LXNettools brings control and monitoring of Art-Net, sACN and Ma-Net into one application, allowing systems technicians to monitor the status of their system from one screen. Support for RDM over Art-Net and RDMNet allows the user to change supported parameters from the ground, saving time, and reducing work at height. The test functionality allows users to perform basic checks on their DMX lines, and verify those moments where a proverbial wire is crossed. And finally, the logging module reports the status of when devices went on and offline, for those unattended installations or transient issues.

What does it give me?

LXNettools is built for common protocols in use in the lighting industry today.

  • Art-Net device discovery, universe receive and transmit, Art-RDM Control
  • sACN receive and transmit
  • MA2 and, coming soon, MA3 Device + session discovery
  • Art-Net and sACN universe tests
  • RDMNet support, including LLRP management.

Where do I get it?

LXNettools is available for download at https://github.com/dfivesystems/LXNetToolsRelease